Global A.I. Innovations

Excelling in Artificial Intelligence requires innovation, technology and expertise.

As an integrated multispecialty organization we offer various industry sectors a complete range of unique and durable customized business solutions.

Located in US and EU we develop innovative multi-industry strategies in compliance with world wide regulatory requirements.

Our research team has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of services including: Robotics Software Automation (RSA), AI custom business solutions, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networking, App development, premier custom web products, A.I. business algorithms,  Clinical Trials, IT business consulting and ROBOTICS!


As a Multidisciplinary Research Company we envision automation as an excellent adjunct of product development regardless of the industry.  Our commitment is to stay on the cutting edge in a perpetual hybrid mode hungry for innovation and business development.

Recently, we have added a ROBOTICS Division with amazing opportunities on the horizon.

Our software development company founded in 1999 has retained a solid expertise in: IT strategic consulting, mobile app development, and IT automation. We have also evolved towards facial recognition products, developing A.I. algorithms with Machine learning elements.

Our newly added Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning division is working on the latest and most advanced concepts available with cutting edge research being published in AI document reading and summary components.

Our AI Security Detection System gives us a 95% Confidence Interval one of the highest in the world when it comes to detecting conspicuous activities, triggers alerts and other automations.

The original team was created by experienced ethical physicians, engineers, mathematicians and scientists with priority on quality business care, innovation and efficiency in mind.

The main priorities will continue to be: AI Innovations, automation to benefit humanity,  protecting data and intellectual property, compliance regulation, high quality product and an ultra competitive bidding offer.


Next generation of video analysis software

Based on a combination of artificial intelligence techniques
Deep neural networks

Deep neural networks learning is part of AI and machine learning that uses a multi-layered approached to deliver cutting edge technology with absolute accuracy in tasks such as: face recognition, object detection, speech recognition, language translation and various automation.

To parallel with Deep learning which differs from traditional machine learning techniques in that it can rapidly self adjust various representations from data such as images, video or text, without introducing hand-coded rules or human domain knowledge. This highly hybrid architecture can learn directly from raw data and it will increase its predictive accuracy with large digitized data volume.

Machine learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a subdivision of AI ( Artificial Intelligence) which automatically allows the system software to learn on its own without specifically being programmed. These categories of algorithms allows the software to optimize function and learn more from the data. The more data the higher will be the performance of the algorithm.
There are some variations depending on the ML. Simple machine learning algorithms work well with structured data; however, when it comes to unstructured data, the performance will vary based on other factors. This is where neural networks have proven to be much more effective. Deep neural networks perform exceptionally well on unstructured data
Some of basic parameters that tend to drive up the typical deep learning process are: algorithms, amount of data and computation time.

Advanced Image Processing

A new generation of video surveillance including AI, ML, Neural Networks and other technologies all geared at revolutionizing the video processing, creating high detection rates of event threatening situations. From face detection / face recognition to abandoned object identification and contactless heart rate estimation we’ve embedded various innovative technologies into one. This approach to behavior detection is well suited for securing public places, responding to critical situations and providing instant alerts to various harmful events.

Our system can detect

  • Abandoned Luggage/items,
  • Face recognition,
  • Face Expression,
  • Unusual event,
  • Estimates Heart Rate,
  • Tracks and detects vehicles and persons.

Innovative Artificial Intelligence App development

We custom design Apps that will optimize productivity and improve functionality of your businesses. By offering flexible, IOS and Android Applications for small and large businesses we give you access to some of the best designers, architects and developers of this generation at the most competitive global price.
With over 15 years of experience we have the luxury to emphasize a high return on investment by optimizing user experience and maximizing productivity.